Allocation styles and automation

Allocation styles and automation

  • FT has parameters to assist in different allocation styles. display_driver_with_vehicle and display_rego_with_driver. Allocators can now have the option to display a drivers name next to the vehicle and/or the vehicles rego next to the drivers name. Allocators can have both or 1 of the information features turned on and utilise the additional information as a look up when allocating.

    i.e searching for a driver in the driver column, when the parameter display_rego_with_driver is turned on, the allocator can now search for the drivers name  or the rego in the same column.

    Both parameters are permitting to display information only, They are not linked to anything in allocations, they are designed as a visual aid only for allocators of different styles, they are not auto allocate functions and do not disturb the main parameter select_driver_from_vehicle.

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