Business Management Support

Business Management Support

1/ New feature and system alteration request handling 

1.1 All Request must be raised as support tickets so communication can be registered against the specified client account. Emails, phone calls or other means of communication are not acknowledge as a direct request. It is the clients responsibility to specify all requests in writing before an analyst engages in communication regarding the request. FreightTracker is responsible to provide the final scope before work commences and the client is to agree on the scope before work is carried out. The final scope will be provided to the client in writing. After agreement of the feature has been accepted by the client, only the final written scope will be considered as the final specification for the request. Clients will be notified when the changes are available. Clients are responsible to test the feature in their FreightTracker environment to ensure the expected outcome(s) have been achieved. Clients have 14 days to notify FreightTracker of any bugs in the feature or if the feature has not been completed as per the original scope of the feature. Any alterations to the feature outside of the original scope will be treated as a new request and will be assessed on a per request basis inline with our terms of service for feature request handling. 

1.2 If multiple requests are made in advance then FreightTracker will request the client to list the requests in order of numerical priority, for example: 1 to 10, 1 being most important, 10 being least important. Any requests that are in the top 1 - 3 that have already been specified and placed in the queue for development will not be permitted to change priority and have another feature take priority. If the request is urgent than this will be considered by the allocated FreightTracker Business management support person.

1.3 Multiple departments within a clients organisation does not constitute multiple priority queues. Each client will have one queue, it is the responsibility of the client to prioritise internally before arranging an order of work with FreightTracker.

1.4 Features raised through this process are bound by our Feature requests terms and conditions found in the FreightTracker support portal legal documentation
All feature request that are through the business management support extra support structure or a paid request by a client not on a tiered service level offering will include the below; 

Feature request and system alteration development includes the preparation of feature requests or system alteration requests and will be quoted in line with business management support tier inclusions. For clients not on a tiered support service, the below required work will be quoted on a per item basis. This service includes:
  1. communication between both parties to confirm the specifications of the feature requests
  2. Business analyst work to design and raise development tickets for development 
  3. Communication with relevant internal departments where required 
  4. Time to develop the request 
  5. Testing the changes to ensure that the work carried out aligns with the customer agreed outcome before deployment
  6. communication with customer after the feature has been deployed
  7. any rework required to finalise the feature request
1.5  FreightTracker does not 'lock down' features for users who choose to engage in this service. Before accepting this service it is important that the client understands the following:

- features paid for by clients are not hidden from other users of the FreightTracker platform and may be resold to other users
- If clients on the monthly subscription for development do not request features during the billing period, the monthly fee will be applied until the subscription is canceled by the client.
- clients may be required to pay an ongoing servicing fee for the feature. This will be notified to you upon the request of the feature. 

1.6 Freighttracker reserves the right to refuse features that do not align with 30kft or the affiliated products, do not align with the companies direction or are deemed to not align with the product. This includes new features and addons to existing features.
1.7 Analysts may advise that your requests requires to be consolidated with other development work. This may be required to ensure the stability of the system. Some consolidation items may not be able to be 'fast tracked' and will need to wait. The analyst will then action the next request in priority sequence specified by the client 


2/ Onsite Health checks

A maximum of 4 hours per visit, visits are in line with FreightTracker Extra support guide. If there is no additional service level agreement in place then this service will be charge according to the FreightTracker additional services price guide. Any additional time onsite requested by clients that have a business management service level offering, that exceeds the allowable visit will be charged according to the FreightTracker additional services price guide.

3/ Account Management 

Account management can be via the following channels:
  1. Phone calls - either singular or over multiple direct calls to the FreightTracker allocated Business Management support person over one or multiple conversations
  2. onsite visit - if the FreightTracker allocated Business Management support person is in the area and is available to be onsite at the discretion of the allocated Business Management support person.
  3. Email communication - if a phone call is not possible and the client prefers an email 
By accepting the monthly fee, clients accept these terms of service. 
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