Customer Notes - Process and email configuration

Customer Notes - Process and email configuration


This FAQ explains the customer note email notification process.

Receiving a note from the portal....

1. When a customer enters a note into the customer portal, the customer note icon in the job will turn Blue. 

2. To send an email to the internal operations, set the top email configuration for Customer Note Alert to Active and Automatic. 
3. The 'to email' should be set to Internal Operations. This email is set in the Settings/Company Info screen. This means that when a customer note is entered in the portal by the customer, the icon will turn blue AND an email will be sent to the internal operations. email

Responding to the customer...

1. Select the blue note icon in the job
2. Type your response to the customer. Once you select Save the icon will change to green.

3. To send an email to the customer operations email, setup the 2nd Customer Note Alert email configuration to Active and Automatic (see screen above).
4. The 'To email' should be Operations. This is the top email field in the customer profile. This means that your customer will receive an email notification that you have responded.

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