Managing your Geofences 

All locations under the customer module can be set up with a geofence. 

1. Go to Customers

2. On the far right hand side of the screen you will see a map icon 

a) . GREY= the auto address reader has not automatically registered the location.

i) Try selecting the icon, select 'ok' on the pop up. If the address is a physical address and not a Po Box, the geo fence will automatically  apply and the map icon will go GREEN 

ii) If the address is not correct, and a user selects 'OK' then the next pop up you will see is the below. Please check the address and remove any extra spaces, dashes, double check it is not a po box location and try again

b)  RED = this means there is a geo-fence but is disabled for this location. All locations are defaulted to disabled for control. 

i) To Enable a geo fence location, select the map icon in the customer main screen. In the pop up window, select the slider on the bottom left to enable the geo fence and close the map 

b)  GREEN = the geo fence is set up and enabled. Once the settings in settings parameters have been activated, this location will be using geo-fencing to update jobs and times via the driver app

Using the Geo Fencing Tool 

The geo fencing tool will auto set a geo fence with a radius of 400 by 400 around the location. Users can override this to get a specific entry and exit point. 

 To change the auto sizing, go to settings -> parameters and search for the parameter called auto_geofence_size. In the value field you can add the numerical value of the size you would like to auto generate for locations.
for example: adding 200 to the field translates to 200 meter by 200 metre square on your geofence location map 

1. To edit the geo fence for a location. select the map icon. In the pop up, Click on the red square on the map. Your square will now have dot points around the area. You can drag these dots around a location to map the geo-fence 

We recommend putting the map in satellite  mode to re create an existing geo fence. This can be found in the top right corner of the map tool

2. once you have completed the geo-fence set up, Select the SAVE button on the bottom right hand side of the pop up 

Activating the Geofence 

To activate the geofence, go to Settings -> Parameters 

1. Flag to enable the use of geofencing logic to auto update leg status
gps_auto_update_status = YES

2. You can also force the driver to only be allowed to start and stop work in known geo-fences. For example: a company depot 

Force the driver to start / stop work while in a known geofence
start_stop_in_geo = YES

you can also update geo fences from the allocation screen by select ing the map icon next to the to and from locations

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