How to use the MTi allocations tab

How to use the MTi allocations tab


MTi tab which is short for Empty Imports is one of many tabs in the allocations section of Freight Tracker.

The primary function of the MTi tab is to show all containers that are empty and been given a date to be delivered to the empty yard.

On the MTi tab you can set the vehicle, driver, and status for each container. 

To the right there is an image of the MTi.

Finding the MTi Tab -  Two steps

Step 1

Hover over containers and click allocations.

Step 2

On the allocations screen there will be multiple tabs, select the MTi tab.

Understanding the MTi Tab

What containers show up on the MTi tab?

There are two main conditions that need to be met for a container to appear on the MTi tab.

  • It is an import
  • The date for the MT Park delivery has been set

Dates on the MTi tab

On the MTi tab you can view by date - this will allow you to see what is scheduled by day. If a delivery that is scheduled for today is not delivered then it will roll over to the next day.

Below is a screenshot of how to navigate the MTi tab by date and see what day a container is scheduled to the MT park for.

Note: The date the container is to be delivered to the MT Yard cannot be changed on the MTi allocation.

Three Types of Moves on MTi Allocations Tab

Generally the MTi tab will display three different sub tabs - they are listed below

  • Customer to Depot
  • Depot to MT Park
  • Customer to MT Park

Allocations on the MTi Tab

The main function of the MTi tab is to allocate.

Three main allocation tasks to be made:

  1. Select a driver
  2. Select a vehicle
  3. Select a status 

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