New customer rejected from export into XERO

New customer rejected from export into XERO

isnt a new customer suppose to sync on the first export to XERO and add the account code automatically?


Please first check that have the customer set up in Xero Before you follow the next steps

To Sync  customer account codes, you must follow the steps below:

  1. login to you freight tracker system.

2. once you have successfully logged in to your freight tracker system, clear out the URL in the browser and enter the on below

NOTE: please put your Freight tracker URL name into this URL where it has {CUSTOMER} after you have pasted it to your browser and remove the brackets.

do i have to be logged into XERO to use the links?

yes, you will be prompted to login to XERO



Note: Please put your companies name into this URL where it has {CUSTOMER} after you have pasted it to your browser and remove the brackets.



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