MYOB Timeouts - Invoice remains in the Ready to Export list.

MYOB Timeouts - Invoice remains in the Ready to Export list.


Sometimes the MYOB API, which is used to send the invoices from FT, will time out. Unfortunately when there is a Time Out often there is nothing sent back to FT alerting of an issue. 
Recently the MYOB API can export an Invoice BUT FreightTracker is not informed that the invoice has been imported into MYOB so the Invoice remains Ready to Export 


New business logic has been implemented into FT. 
When a Time Out occurs and FT has not received an Error OR a Success message on the Invoice FT will leave the Invoice as Ready To Export. This is to ensure that the invoice is exported in the next invoice process.  
When this occurs a Warning Message will be displayed showing the invoices that need to be confirmed. 
The operator will need to go into MYOB and confirm that the invoice exists. 
If the invoice does not exist  invoice in FT is left ready to export. 
If the invoice does exist the user will need to go into the customer record and mark the as Exported. 

Marking Invoice as ready to Export. 

Locate the Invoice number by either using the Super Search at the top of FreightTracker. 

or by going to the Customer-> Paying Customer
1) Select the Invoices Tab
2) Select the Exported Drop down and select Yes to find all of the Exported invoices
3) Search. 

Once you have located the invoice simply slide the option to "No" and the invoice will be put back into the Finances -> Ready to Export

When the Invoice is ready to Export you can run the Invoice Export function as normal. 

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