New feature and system alteration requests

New feature and system alteration requests

1. If the feature request is required as a priority by the individual transport company, and is not something on our roadmap, or the company does not have a service level agreement where this service is offered, then we offer a paid priority solution where the request is given a start and end date along with a quote per request. 

2. If the feature request is not on our roadmap but a nice to have for the client and is unpaid development, we place this request in our feature backlog for review at our discretion, where we collectively group requests and internally manage them for development. These items are assessed and placed on an internal roadmap. These requests are not given a start or end date and we do not regularly update our clients with their status. All clients will be notified through release notes via our standard process. In some instances your original ticket may be closed and an internal record is kept at our discretion. 

3. If the client has asked for a feature request and it happens to be something on our roadmap and in progress, the client may be advised of this. Again we have no obligation to provide milestone updates for unpaid developments and do not commit to any guarantees of time frames for completion.

4. FreightTracker reserves the right to reject or refuse feature and development requests that directly or indirectly impact other products in the 30000feet product suite, or are not inline with our products direction, values or integrity as a software. While we will consult with clients on concepts, a rejection of an item that cannot be resolved by another avenue will be expressed to the client.

5. All approved system alterations and feature requests for development will be subject to a priority set by 30kft

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