Setting up subcontractors and expense rates

Setting up subcontractors and expense rates

To set up subcontractors you will need to first set up the subcontractor profiles in customers -> subcontractors. You will then need to set up the drivers in settings -> drivers. When setting up the drivers you will need to select the employee type as 'SUB'.  They will then be added to subcontractor profile -> drivers
Every time a driver that is linked to a subcontractor profile is chosen in allocations, it will automatically associate the subcontractor profile with the leg the driver was allocated to in the expense rates tab for that job. 

In Freight Tracker you can have subcontractor level rates or global subcontractor rates. 

Per subcontractor rates are set up in the subcontractors profile. 

Global subcontractor rates are set up in settings -> driver rates. Here you will need to set up you MT and FULL leg costs for each lane. 

If not set up already you will need to set up the MT and FULL sub reference options for each container size in Settings-> ref sub value 

Global add on subcontractor rates are in settings -> expense rates.

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