Vessel Page

Vessel Page

The vessel page has been designed to provide the user with a full view of whats happening at the wharf. Here you can have a complete overview of what boxes are at which wharf on what vessel.

This page lets you first sort by either import or export, then you can view all wharves or select the ones you wish to view. 

Only the wharves that you have boxes will display as a bulk select option. For example: I do not have any boxes coming off the wharf at Hutchinson, i do not have the option to select it at the top. However i can still search the vessel if require or manually search using the search box on the right.

The slot/container counters work as follows:


I have 4 containers to collect in total.I have already collected 1 of this 4. I have 3 more to collect


I need 4 slots in total.I already have 1 of the 4 slots i require . I have need 3 more slots

You can also view the status of each job on that vessel

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