Xero Integration - Send Booking Customer Reference to Xero

Xero Integration - Send Booking Customer Reference to Xero


Customers had asked for the option to be able to send the Customer Reference as part of the information sent to Xero when exporting the invoices from FreightTracker. 
Initially it was set so that ALL systems would send the Customer Reference however this did affect some customers who generate one invoice for a customer with multiple jobs as it would only generate a single customer reference to Xero. 

A fix is underway to provide a more global business logic which should handle all of the requirements for all customers. 

While this is being developed a patch was introduced that would allow each customer the option to turn on or turn off the Customer Reference to Xero. 

Send Customer Reference to Xero

From Settings -> Integration-> Authentication open the Xero settings. 

Turn on the "Send Customer Reference" option and this will then send the Customer Reference from the Booking/Warehouse Jobs through to Xero. 

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